How to configure, add, apply and approve optional Holidays in uKnowva?

How to configure optional Holidays in uKnowva?

Note: The Configuration is available only for Admin Users.

Step 1:-Click on the profile icon shown in the top right corner and click on the uKnowva configuration.


Step 2:- Select 'APPS MANAGER' shown on the left side.


 Step 3:- Search and click on 'HRM Lite'.


Step 4:- Fi...

How to setup HR SPOCS in uKnowva

HR SPOCS are individuals entitled to all the role and responsibilities of a HR manager, although these responsibilities will be with regards to specific employees only.

Employees will be individually mapped to specific HR spocs in their...

How to allocate shifts in uknowva HRMS?

Shifts are used to schedule employee timings in an organization. Setting up daily, weekly, monthly basis shift timings for employees is possible in uKnowva.

You can assign these shifts using the import functionality which allows bulk import via excel.

To add Shifts:

Step 1: Go to the left main menu -> HR MANAGER - > Shift Allocation


Step 2: Click on 'Add' Button.


How to add/delete bookings in meeting rooms extension?

This system enables you to create multiple meeting rooms for your organization. All employees can then pre-book meeting rooms for their meeting as per availability, they can also share meetings with other employees. You can also set access control as to which all user groups shall have access to book rooms. You can also define meeting room admins who shall ...

How to check the investment declaration done by the employee and also verify the proofs?

Step 1: Go to left hand side menu->'Investment Declarations'->'Pending Approval'.


Step 2: List shows 'pending Approvals' of Investment Declarations.


Step 3: there are 3 options provided in the 'Approve/Reject' column for view, accept and reject.


Step 4: To see all the list which is already approved click on the 'view all' button which sh...

How uKnowva recruitment module works?

This document describes the flow of the Recruitment module in uKnowva.

This Recruitment Module allows the employees of your organization to post Jobs and other people/HR can post the CV/Resumes received from various sources into the system. You can also change job status and applicant status and track/analyze the complete recruitment cycle of your organization

Below is the diagrammatic representation of the Recruitment module flow.



How to add shifts in uKnowva ?

Shifts are used to schedule employee timings in an organisation. Setting up multiple shift timings for employees is possible in uKnowva.

You can add these multiple shift schedules using the import functionality which allows bulk import via excel.

To add Shifts:

Step 1: Go to the left main menu -> HR MANAGER - > ADD SHIFTS



Step 2: Click on 'Add Shift'.



Step 3: Specify the details

How to upload/change banner (sliding images) in uKnowva?

Step 1: Go to ‘uknowva configurations’

Step 2 : Go to 'Widget Manager' menu from the left menus and search for 'Main Home Slider'.

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How to manage unique weekly offs for different groups in uknowva?

Weekly off is basically to set the days on which the employees are not expected to work.

Note:-If the weekly off is the same for all the employees please don't follow this process, this is only for unique weekly offs for specific employee role.

You can assign weekly offs using the import functionality which allows bulk import via excel.

To assign Weekly Off:

Step 1: Go to the left main menu -> HR MANAGER - > Manage Weekly Off

How to restrict folder accessibility rights for different user groups in uKnowva.


Let’s take an example,

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How to add attendance or Leave on subordinate's behalf in uknowva?

Tags: leave leave type leave balance

Step 1:- In the top bar of the home page, there is a search option click on it and search for Your team member.


Step 2:- Then the system shows you the profile of team member and on this page, you can see the option to 'check attendance' of that user click on it.



How to lock salary in uKnowva HRMS?

There is two ways to lock salary in uknowva:-

Lock salary at same time of generation of salary:-

Step 1:- Go to left hand side menu 'HR Manager' -> 'Payroll'.


Step 2:- Click on 'Generate Salary' option in top left corner.


Step 3:- Refer the Document for generate salary. Link is:- How to generate sa...

How uKnowva Login Authentication Works?

This document describes the Authentication process of  login into uKnowva Accounts.


How to calculate and Lock attendance to process salary?

Note:- In case attendance is change after generating salary then you can again repeat below given steps and generate salary again so system calculate salary based on newly locked attendance. 


Step 1:- Go to left hand side menu→ HR Manager → Attendance Details.


Step 2:- Then Go to filters and select the month and year for which you want to lock attendance to process Salary.


How to check past salary details in uKnowva?

Tags: salary define salary

Note:-This rights only for HR mangers.


How uKnowva Resignation Module Works?

This document describes the flow of the resignation module in uKnowva.

Roles Included and Basic flow of the Module

1. Employee

2. Approver

3. Exit Clearance Department Admin


How to set up uKnowva’s Job portal page on career’s website

Tags: Recruitment Job Portal Career Page This document describes setting up/ linking your Job portal page on your career’s website....

Technical Architecture of uKnowva Platform

The general high level technical architecture is as shown below:

How to Regularize attendance in uKnowva?

Tags: attendance regularization outdoor duty mispunch

This document is about regularizing existing attendance in the system

Step 1) Login into Account.

Step 2) Go to 'My Attendance' menu from the left side.

Step 3) Find the ‘Date’ on which you want to regularize attendance.


How to forcefully make people share location in uKnowva HRMS

Follow the below steps

1. Ensure you have updated the Virtual biometric plugin from the extension store. Refer this link on how to update/install a plugin from extension store:

2. Go to uKnowva configuration --> Plugin manager --> Virtual biometric plugin --> Track location mandatorily --> Enable the setting and Save it

3. Once saved, if any user does not share location, he/she...