uKnowva’s Calendar provides the user with innumerable options to schedule their activities. In fact, the Calendar is designed in such a way that any reminders that are added in other apps are also automatically added here and can be viewed and accessed from this one location. The user can add events to the calendar about any topic that is required. Further, the user can also add events from their iCal account to uKnowva’s Calendar. Thus, this application helps the user become more organiz...

Social Intranet

uKnowva's Social Intranet is its USP. The introduction of such a social angle to a business collaboration platform is what makes uKnowva different from its competitors. uKnowva's Social Intranet comprises the Network and People tabs. 

The Network tab is the first option in the Main menu. It contains options for sharing content with other users, editing your profile, creating and sharing events, etc. Photos and videos are also viewed and shared from here.

The People tab provid...


The people tab is the second part of uKnowva’s social intranet. It contains options related to the members of the network. The various options in People are explained below.

View All Members

Under People, when you click “View All” a list of all the members of the network is displayed. This is what the list looks like.

Here, you can view the details of users such as their Name, the number of colleagues they have, whether they are your colleague (add them as a co...


Polls are a fun way of finding out others opinions about topics. Organizations can successfully leverage this tool to find out about employees’ interests and to collect their feedback. They can find out about the general atmosphere in the workplace by running the relevant polls.

uKnowva Polls provide a graphical representation of the poll answers along with the percentages. This makes it easy for everyone to read the results and take decisions based on them.

Voting on a Poll <...


The document repository in uKnowva is a place where users can upload files and share them with other users of the network. The uploaded files can be viewed in the browser or can be downloaded and saved to one’s system.

uKnowva’s document repository has no limit on the size of files being uploaded. When uploading a file, uKnowva checks the server’s upload size limit and accordingly breaks the file into multiple chunks and uploads them individually. These files are then reassemble...


The Knowledge section contains all articles that have been posted by users of uKnowva. These articles belong to a variety of technical and non-technical subjects and are a great help to anyone who is looking for help. 

The Knowledge section is a discussion forum where knowledge is shared. This section is extremely interactive where members can view articles, reply to them, thank the author for the article and subscribe to topics and categories.

Recent Topics

When you click ...


Network is the meeting place of all members of uKnowva. It is where all ideas are created, knowledge is shared and news is exchanged. Network is where a user can view and edit his profile, upload and share photos, link videos, join and/or create groups, and create events. 

All these options have been explained further in the following sections.

When you click on “Network,” the following page opens:...