Security on Cloud

uKnowva is available on the cloud and on premise. For instances hosted on our cloud, we are responsible for the security at all levels.

How Secure is Our Cloud?

The security for Cloud instances of uKnowva follows a layered approach. The Hardware, software and network security are handled by uKnowva. For the cloud, we handle security at the following levels:

Application Level: uKnowva is completely VAPT tested (read all VAPT reports here). Extensive tests are carried out to make sure that the code is completely secure. The extensions for uKnowva are also black box and white box tested so that they do not become possible loopholes that can compromise the system.
Strict coding practices that follow OWASP are followed when coding for uKnowva (main instance and extensions). The support staff also accesses the data of clients when an issue is reported. Access to the Root folders of instances is available to only one or two system administrators in the organization.

Network Level: Regular and thorough Network scans are carried out at the data centres to ensure that there are no network-level vulnerabilities. uKnowva can run on HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The HTTPS protocol provides added security to the Network Level. Appropriate measures are taken to prevent DDoS and IDS attacks. All the cloud-based servers also have firewalls installed on them.

OS Level: All cloud-based uKnowva instances run on secure Linux platforms. Anti-virus and anti-malware software continuously check the data. Logical partitioning is implemented on cloud so that the data for each instance is kept separate with absolutely no chance of data transfer amongst instances. As opposed to other collaboration software that only maintain separate databases for different instances, uKnowva maintains separate code and database for different instances.
The OS is hardened with improved specifications for Apache, MySQL and other server software for better security. Appropriate measures, like access logs, are taken at the OS level as well to prevent DDoS and IDS attacks and ensure data security.

Physical Level: uKnowva servers are hosted at Tier 4 data centres with 99.995% uptime. The servers are monitored 24 hours with access to the floor provided only to authorised personnel. Database and code backups are taken regularly so that in case of any disaster like a hard disk crash, the data is not lost and your instance can be back up in 2-3 hours.
Database backups are taken daily, weekly and monthly, while code backups are taken weekly and monthly.

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