Froala editor: Unlicensed copy error on uKnowva

In uKnowva instances if you are using the Froala editor, then you may see the below Warning

Actually, this warning is because Froala editor is an extension we have integrated for uKnowva platform, but it has its own pricing. We at do not distribute their license of Froala, you can check the pricing here: neither is the same included in the uKnowva subscription (Though we intend to do it in future some day and are negotiat...

What happens to customer's data after termination

Tags: data purging termination

It is very sad to see a customer go, but it is a part of any business. Most common question a customer has when they terminate uKnowva is "What happens to my data?"

If you hosted uKnowva on your own premise, then the data is at your end, you may wish to keep it or destroy it.

If you were on our cloud, then we use the follow...

Developer Tools

Welcome to uKnowva Developer Tools. Developer Tools is an initiative by uKnowva to provide uKnowva developers all the tools that they will require to successfully create and publish their extensions. uKnowva extensions are basically of 5 types:

Apps Widgets Plug-ins Themes and Languages

With Developer Tools, uKnowva aims to create a stable and solid pool of talented developers that will help in developing uKnowva further. The extensions created by these developers will add to...