Setting up uknowva on your own Premises

To successfully install uKnowva HRMS application on your private cloud, follow the below-mentioned configuration specifications.

To run uKnowva HRMS you would require to install Apache, PHP and MySQL.


Applications and ToolsDescriptionCommand   To Install Gcc And Development Tools On A Centos / Rhel 7 Server #yum group install "Development Tools" PHP To Install Php 5.6, You Have To Install And Enable Epel And Remi Repository To Your Centos /RHEL 7 System ...

Creating a Database using phpMyAdmin and Command Line

Prior to setting up your uKnowva database, it is essential that you have a ready, created database that you can connect. This article outlines the steps involved in creating a database using phpMyAdmin and Command Line.

Creating a Database using phpMyAdmin: Log in to your instance of phpMyAdmin In the landing page, you will see an option to create a new database. Enter the name that you would like to give your database and click Create. Once the database is created, ...

Installation Procedure

Before installing uKnowva, please ensure that all your System Requirements have been met.

Step 1

In your browser, open the folder in which your installation files have been saved.

If the files have been saved in the root folder, type "localhost" and press Enter. If the files have been saved inside a folder in the root folder, type "localhost/folder_name" and press Enter.

The following page opens.

System Requirements

To successfully install and use the uKnowva you must have a fully operational web server (Apache or IIS), a database (MySQL is optimum) and the server-side scripting language PHP. The system requirements are as mentioned below:

SoftwareMinimum RequirementRecommendedDownload Link PHP 5.0 5.6.x or above http// Required PHP  Modules