System Requirements

To successfully install and use the uKnowva you must have a fully operational web server (Apache or IIS), a database (MySQL is optimum) and the server-side scripting language PHP. The system requirements are as mentioned below:

SoftwareMinimum RequirementRecommendedDownload Link
PHP 5.0 5.6.x or above http//
Required PHP  Modules     





pdo_dblib, pdo_mysql,pdo_sqlite,Phar,posix,




MySQL 3.23.x or above 5.0 or above

You can also opt for a licensed MySQL server to
ensure better security. You can read more on:

Apache 1.3 or above 2.2 or above
IIS 6 7 or above

Please Note: Minimum 20 GB hard disk space shall be required for the application to run smoothly.

Installing Server Software

First, you have to install server software for your system. For Windows, this will be WAMP or XAMPP and for Linux it will be LAMP.

Follow the instructions to install WAMP, XAMPP, and LAMP, respectively.

Extracting Installer Files

After installation of the suitable software, save the provided uKnowva Installer in the root folder. The root folders of the server software are as follows:

  • WAMP: www
  • XAMPP: htdocs
  • LAMP: /var/www

Extract the installer into the root folder of your installed server software.

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