Points system in uKnowva Intranet

uKnowva Intranet has an inbuilt point system that allocates points to users on specific actions like sharing a status update, posting in forum, etc. Below is the matrix that explains how much and when these points are allocated to users.


ActionDescriptionPoints Upload Photo Give points when registered user upload photos. 0 Add New Group Give points when registered user created new group. 3 Add New Group's Discussion Give points when registered user create...

7 things you should do to Kick start your intranet and get it rolling

An  intranet can be the backbone of a business, if it’s done right. It  should focus on the needs of people—provide an enjoyable experience,  relevant content, and an easy way to connect. However, an intranet is  only as effective as how it's being used. The problem for most companies  is getting employees to start using the intranet. Hence the saying - it  is always the start that requires the greatest effort.

Over  a period of time we have found that th...

What happens to customer's data after termination

Tags: data purging termination

It is very sad to see a customer go, but it is a part of any business. Most common question a customer has when they terminate uKnowva is "What happens to my data?"

If you hosted uKnowva on your own premise, then the data is at your end, you may wish to keep it or destroy it.

If you were on our cloud, then we use the follow...

Data Privacy on our Cloud

Many customers ask us this question:

We are going to move our business completely on your software, how do you ensure that our data is protected?

Here is how we protect your data

How do you protect our data from cyber attacks? uKnowva is VAPT tested, which ensures it has passed the top 10 vulnerability tests of the OWASP model. You can refer the report here: https://docs.uknowva.com/security-compliance/vapt-reports/80-vapt-report-uknowv...

How to schedule an interview under uKnowva - Recruitment Engine.


1. Click on recruitment > my applicants.



2. Click on the drop down of ‘Status’ option for the particular candidate you wish to schedule the interview for. 


3. Click on ‘Interview Scheduled’ option.



How to add an Individual candidate in talent pool under Recruitment engine.

1. Click on Recruitment > Talent Pool > Add candidate



2. As you click on add candidate you have 2 options Basic Info & Profile Info. Basic info is all the basic details required of the candidate and profile info is, if the candidate is hired in future, the details which will be appeared in his/her profile when he/she on-boards.  

How to edit a job posting on uKnowva - Recruitment Engine.

1. Click on > Recruitment > My Posted Jobs



2. Click on 3 dots next to ‘Assigned to’ (Extreme Right) of the job which you wish to edit.


3. On clicking on the 3 dots you will get various options. Click on ‘Edit Job’ (Fourth option)



4.Kindly mak...

How to post a job on uKnowva - Recruitment Engine.

How to create letter templates and generate letters


1.       Open the create window in “Generate Letters”

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How to reset a password of another user in uKnowva

Login into uKnowva with an admin account and use either of the below 2 ways

The system Admin can reset the password in 2 ways:


From the user's profile page:


The Admin can visit the user's profile and click Reset Password in the Admin Bar. 



From User Manager:


Alternatively, the admin can also change the user's password from the User Manager. He only need...

How to check your uKnowva account subscription data

uKnowva account subscription information has the details about the limit of number of users and the number of users you are actually using, in addition it will also show the disk space usage of the account if the same is hosted on uKnowva Cloud


How to Approve/Reject Leaves as a Manager/ HR Mgr in uKnowva

Tags: leave leave type leave history

Whenever someone applies for a leave, an email as well as a Notification is sent to the manager as well as the HR Manager. So you can simply approve/Reject by clicking on the Approve/Reject link you received in the email.

In case you have missed the email or you have not received it, just do the following

1. Login into uKnowva

2. Click on...

How to set minimum threshold and general working hours

By default, attendance less than 4 hours is shown in red, 4-8 hours in blue and more than 8 hour sin green on a user's attendance calendar, if you wish to change it, then you need to do the following

1. Go to uKnowva configuration --> Plugin manager

2. Find the plugin attendance DB

3. Click on it and change the threshold values

Result will be something like this on attendance page:



How to use @ Tags in comments and feed to improve collaboration

If you are reading this, probably you already have uKnowva setup for your organization and are looking for ways on How to improve participation.

The best way to so this is use @tags to tag users, groups and usergroups as when you tag people or group of people, the system sends out an email and notification to the respective users too which can then prompt the users to login into the system and then get engaged.

Example: Check below screenshot of an activity posted by a user

How to integrate Active directory(AD)/LDAP authentication in uKnowva

If you are having an internal Active directory, then you may want to use the same username and password to login into uKnowva  as well, this is very well possible using the LDAP SSO plugin. Just follow the below steps

1. Login as admin

2. Go to uKnowva Configuration-->Plugin manager --> LDAP / AD Authentication (Single Signon)

4. Setup the required details

The variables define in above screen shot in details given below:-

How to Auto Approve Investment declarations without Proof

Login with Admin account and Go to uKnowva Configuration --> Apps Manager and click on Investment declaration app

And then set Proofs requires as No and Auto Approve as Yes


How to Apply leave on other user's behalf in uKnowva HRMS

Tags: leave apply leave leave balance

Just Go to My Leaves --> Apply for leave and click on Other User. Please note: This facility is only available to HR Managers & Admins


How to import KRA templates in My performance

1. Login as HR Manager or Admin and go to My performance --> KRA Templates

2. Click on Import

3. Upload the file in the required format. Done, you shall see a notification/message like below


uKnowva Configuration/Administration

uKnowva Configuration is the go-to panel for uKnowva administrators. It is where you will find all options necessary to carry out your admin functions properly. You can access uKnowva Configuration from My Menu.

The different options in uKnowva Configuration are as follows:

Global Configuration Apps Manager Plugin Manager Menu Manager Widget Manager User Manager User Groups Manager Theme Manage...

How to create a custom graph from an SQL query in uKnowva Dashboards

If you need to create custom graph/node from SQL query on your local or remote database, then do the following steps.

How to add a new menu ?

Go to dashboard page and insert menu name in input-box(Add menu here ). Once you add new menu it will be shown in the Dashboard page in left side.

How to add a new node under that menu ?

Click on "add node" button and select type of node/graph.Afte...