How to schedule interview on Google Meet via uKnowva

Step 1:

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Web App Penetration Test Summary Report - January 2023

This report holds the results of the Web Penetration Testing performed on Uknowva web application by the SecIQ security team. The details about each task and our findings have been consolidated for this Executive Summary and additional information is containe...

Release Notes for uKnowva - December 2022

Tags: Exit Management Employee Letters Recruitment Payroll PMS Reports Leave & Attendance Workflows

This month we have made many enhancements on existing features to improve the overall user experience. We have a...

Release Notes for uKnowva - November 2022

Tags: Employee Letters Payroll Virtual biometric Recruitment Leave & Attendance Workflows

This month we have made many enhancements on existing features to improve the overall user experience. We have also added a few new features to enhance the usability of our u...

How to upload documents for users in bulk?

uKnowva has a feature for HR managers and Admins to upload any kind of documents for users in bulk. This makes the process faster and it also maps ...

Release Notes for uKnowva - October 2022

uKnowva HRMS has undergone quite a few updates in the month of October 2022 with a clear goal of improving the overall user experience with the system


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How to Consider Future Days as Present in Payroll

Step 1: Click on the profile picture and click on "uKnowva Configuration"

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How to configure smart reminders as per shift

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Release Notes for uKnowva - September 2022

The uKnowva team has released new features, and major UI & UX improvements in the recruitment engine, payroll, and reporting tool. With new feature updates, the uKnowva team has also resolved bugs and has done critical core enhancements.


1. Recruitment engine

Offer letter acceptance via mail: Now candidates c...

Release Notes for uKnowva - August 2022

uKnowva team has released new set of features and integration for digital signature, listed below are the release for august month :

1. Addition of configuration to admins to show the visibility of tabs on profile field under 360 degree profile view

2. Exit clearance in uknowva has become much smarter with new features like 

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Release Notes for uKnowva - July 2022

The below-listed features and enhancements are released in the month of JULY:

1. Important Security patch for uknowva

2. User creation API to create a user in uKnowva, update user details, and disable the user. This API helps to push user's data into uKnowva from different systems VIA API

3. Report scheduling - Now...

Release Notes for uKnowva - June 2022

1. uKnowva LMS

uKnowva LMS can be integrated hassle-free with uKnowva HRMS. The uKnowva LMS comes up with rich features for providing a training platform for employees in an organization. read more

The Complete Tutorial of Onboarding candidate

Tags: Onboarding Pre-Onboard Recruitment


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Release Notes for uKnowva - May 2022

The list of enhancements in uKnowva for month of May are :

1. Improvements in TDS: Improve the performance of the currently existing codebase, TDS Listing is improved, new visibility is provided to view TDS of all users in a single view, and how TDS is calculated for users.

The Complete Tutorial of Resignation Module


1.   Introduction

 Employees resign for many different reasons, such as a job offer at another company for more pay or better benefits, a move to another state or coun...

Candidate onboarding to uKnowva HRMS via third party API in uKnowva

Tags: Candidate Onboarding Third-party API ATS Recruitment Background:

A number of our enterprise customers - i.e those who use uKnowva for HRMS, also use some other IT systems to manage their overall hiring process and onboard them. Some customers prefer ATS integration with uKnowva for work so that routine actions of m...

The Complete Tutorial for Recruitment Module

Tags: Recruitment HRMS Job Openings Posted Jobs Talent pool Interviews Sources Offer letters Introduction:

Recruitment is the process of actively seeking out, finding, and hiring candidates for a particular position or job. The recruitment defin...

Release Notes for uKnowva - April 2022

uKnowva has released the list of below improvements and fixes for April month!

1. Rolled out a new feature to create forms along with drag and drop options .

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How to create workflow for custom forms?

Tags: List Workflows Drag&Drop Custom Forms

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How to connect your Bio-Metric machine with uKnowva HRMS

Tags: Bio-Metric Attendance uKnowva utility ESSL/ADMS Matrix Machine biometric

This document explains four different methods to connect your Bio-Metric machine with uKnowva HRMS

Method 1: Clients with ESSL Machine/ADMS Option

If  the client owns an ESSL machine and agr...