uKnowva Administration

uKnowva Configuration is the go-to panel for uKnowva administrators. It is where you will find all options necessary to carry out your admin functions properly. You can access uKnowva Configuration from My Menu.

The different options in uKnowva Configuration are as follows:

Global Configuration Apps Manager Plugin Manager Menu Manager Widget Manager User Manager User Groups Manager Theme Manager Cache Manager Tags Manager System Information Global Configuration

How to create a custom graph from an SQL query in uKnowva Dashboards

If you need to create custom graph/node from SQL query on your local or remote database, then do the following steps.

How to add a new menu ?

Go to dashboard page and insert menu name in input-box(Add menu here ). Once you add new menu it will be shown in the Dashboard page in left side.

How to add a new node under that menu ?

Click on "add node" button and select type of node/graph.Afte...

How to Auto approve attendance using virtual biometric plugin in uKnowva


Step 1 : Click on your Profile Picture and then click on uKnowva configuration.




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How to generate salary slip only for selected users

Login into the system as Admin/HR manager Go to HR Manager --> Payroll Generate the salary for the required month or click on Past salary details and select the month Select the user and Click Generate Salary Slips Add new comment ...

How to change Color Theme of uKnowva instance

Step 1: Click on your Profile Picture and then click on uKnowva configuration



How to set Weekly Offs in uKnowva HRMS

To set weekly offs in uKnowva HRMS, login to uKnowva using admin account.

1. Go to uKnowva configuration.



2. Go to 'Apps Manager' and click on 'HRM Lite'



How to add different shift start timing for different user in uknowva?

Adding different shift start timing for different user in uKnowva is simple if you have admin access.

1. Go to user's profile and click on edit profile



2. You can add or change shift start timing for the user from 'Shift Timing' column





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How to Update leaves of users in uKnowva HRMS

1. Click on HR Manager and then click on Leave Balance of all Users.



2. Click on required employee's "Edit leave" option. This way you can edit single user's leaves.



3. Edit the required details and click on save.



4. If you want to update multiple user's leaves you can click on Import.



5. You can download the required format to upload bulk data and finally click on Upload CS...

How to Change Salary Structure of Individual Employee in uKnowva HRMS

1. Click on HR Manager on left menu. Select Payroll.


2. Select the user from the list. Click on Edit icon.


3. Add the desired changes in the salary structure and save.

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How To Increase Photo upload limit in Intranet

1. Click on your profile picture and then click on uKnowva configuration.



2. Click on Global Configuration on the left and select Network Settings Tab.


3. Add Photo Creation Limit and Max Photos per day to the desired number.



4. Click on Save Button and the photo upload limit will be increased. 

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What are the benefits of using '@' and '#' in uKnowva HRMS

1. You can type '@' and colleague's/group's name to tag a colleague or a group so that they get a notification and also an e-mail is triggered which improves employee engagement and collaboration. 



2. A hashtag allows you to start a conversation and categorize topics according to the keywords. This helps in increasing employee engagement. A hash tag helps to find the topics faster.

Searching, clicking or tapping on a hash tagged word shows you other sha...

How to add different state level profession tax in uKnowva HRMS

You can do so in two ways, either have the Progession tax component as a part of the basic salary structure and manually edit the value of it for all users or use the in built Profession tax plugin which calculates the PT as per standards.

Upgrade/Install the PT plugin from extension store. Go to extension store and just install the plugin back Setup your state and the user's profile field in which state/location are stored Add new comment ...

How to change the Username/Email/Name of a user in uKnowva

Changing or editing a user's designation is simple if you have admin access.

1. Go to user's profile and click on edit user



2. You can edit or change the username/email id/name of the user from the respective fields


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How to change the designation of a user in uKnowva

Changing or editing a user's designation is simple if you have admin access.

1. Go to user's profile and click on edit user



2. You can edit/change the designation in designation column



Click on Submit to save the changes

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How to create additional Reimbursement workflows in uKnowva

Need more workflows like Travel Reimbursement, etc. to be defined? Just send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // with the following details, our team shall assist you

 Workflow form in JPEG/PDF/XLSX format  Define the user that will approve/reject this request. Would it be the reporting manager, some specific user, etc.  Once Approved, who all (other than the user who initiat...

How to apply for a reimbusement request in uKnowva

1. Go to Reimbursements --> Travel Reimbursement in the left side menu


2. Fill the Reimbursement Form with the details like, duration for the reimbursement, project, bank account details etc. 



3. You can choose the purpose for the reimbursement



4. Submit the form. That's it your request for the reimbursement has been created.

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How to delegate HR Manager rights in uKnowva HRMS

1. Go to uKnowva Configuration from the admin account 



2. Go to Apps Manager on the left hand side menu, and click on HRM Lite







How to Add Non-Taxable Heads for TDS calculation in uKnowva HRMS

Following the below steps

1. Login with the Admin account to your uKnowva HRMS instance

2. Go to uKnowva Configuration --> Plugin manager

3. Search for TDS plugin

4. Add the non-taxable heads under the parameter "Non Taxable Salary Heads"


Note: Make sure the Head's spelling is exactly the same like it is provided in the Salary structure


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