Master leave management: Apply for leaves and check holidays, leave policies, balances etc., with uKnowva.

uKnowva allows configuring various leave types as per the HR policy.

Some of the common leave types include sick leave, casual leave, Maternity leave, and more. Once you learn to manage your leaves from the tutorial below, you can plan your vacations and leaves without disrupting your workflows.

Additionally, you can check your leave history, balances, and more on our platform. The system also provides you with a holiday calendar to check the holidays you’re eligible for to manage your work life commitments accordingly.

Let’s dive deep into the tutorial to learn all the steps for managing your leaves like a pro.

Click on the Leaves menu on the left pane of the home page to get a drop-down of the sub-menus within the leave management system.


Table of Contents

®   Applying for a leave

®   Checking your leave balance

®   Checking leave history

®   Checking the list of holidays

®   Checking the leave policy

®   Checking your leave balance log


Applying for a leave

Find and click on Apply for leave in the sub-menus.

The page selects the “For Me” option by default under the User section when you are applying for yourself.

Find and click on Select leave type under the User section. You will get a new drop-down menu. Select the type of leave you’re applying from the given menu. The leave types as per the system configuration and the ones which you can apply for currently as per your leave balance will reflect here.

Next, you need to select the date for the leave. You have three options: Full day, half day, or multiple days leave.

When you select Full day, you get to select a date to apply for the leave.

When you select Half day, first you select which part of the day you want a leave for and select the date.

When you select Multiple days, you have to select From the first/second half of a date to the first/second half of the next date.

Write a reason in the text box at the bottom to give clarity to the HR and the reporting manager when you apply for a leave.

Click Save and wait for the reporting manager or the HR to approve or reject your leave request.


Checking your leave balance

You can check your leave balance when you’re applying for a leave. The balance is highlighted on the right-hand side of the page for your reference

Another way to check your leave balance is to find and click the My Leave Balance sub-menu in the main Leaves menu.

The window loads and shows your Leave Type, Balance, Leaves Pending for Approval, and Effective Leave Balance.

This calculation enables you to find the current leave balance, adjusting the pending leaves simultaneously in your account. You can then go back to the Apply for Leave sub-menu and decide which leave type you want to request for.


Checking leave history

Now, follow the same steps above and find My Leave History. Click this option, and the page loads.

Get an overview of your leave history here on this page, where it shows your history date, type, reason for the leave, status and also the ability to view a certain leave in detail by clicking the Eye button under the Action section of each leave type.

The Leave Request Details page that loads reflects the approval matrix and status of approval of the chosen leave.

Go back and find the leave history page. Find the Cancel option next to the Eye button. This option allows you to cancel your current leave application. If the chosen leave application has a pending status, you can cancel the leave directly.

However, if the leave has been approved, it will go through another approval to get cancelled. You might as well put up another reason there to cancel your approved leave to keep a record.

Now cancel or close any pop-up window if it appears when trying to cancel the leave. Make sure you’re back on the Leave history page.

Find and click the funnel at the top right corner to check the leave history according to a specific field, as explained below.

Some of the fields you can get in the filter are:

  • Search for searching the leaves by name, employee ID, username, or multiple users/IDs by using a comma.

  • From and To for specifying the dates.

  • User Group to find the past leaves applied for a particular user group.

  • Leave Type to check specific types of leaves you’ve applied for in the past.

  • Leave Status to check either approved, cancelled, pending, or rejected leaves you’ve applied for in the past.

  • The Designation allows you to filter the leave history page according to the designation of the user for whom you’ve applied the leaves. The user can be you or someone else if you've applied for someone else as well.

  • City/Town allows you to filter the leave history page according to the city/town you’ve applied from.

  • The same is the case for the State filter option.

Once you choose all the filters of your choice, click Search, and the results will be reflected automatically on the page below.

Click Reset if you want to reset the dates, and then follow the same process of specifying the dates and clicking Search.

The above filter options are customisable. Your HR or super admin can add or delete filters as per the organisation’s latest guidelines.


Checking the list of holidays

Go back to the main Leaves menu to find Holidays. Click it to check both the scheduled and restricted holiday calendars.

The scheduled holiday calendar displays the predetermined company-wide holidays, providing employees with a comprehensive overview of planned non-working days.

The restricted holiday calendar reflects individually selectable holidays, empowering employees to choose specific dates based on their preferences or cultural and religious observances.

Basically, under the restricted holidays, you will get to check the holidays that you’re eligible for, and if the organisation allows it.

Click the funnel at the top right corner side of the page.

  • Get the From and To option to select a specific period.

  • Click Search, and the page below will automatically show you all the results.

  • Click Reset if you want to reset the dates, follow the same process to filter the dates, and click Search again.

The above filter options are customisable. Your HR or super admin can add or delete filters as per the organisation’s latest guidelines.


Checking the leave policy

Select Leave Rules from the bar above, or click Leave Rules/Types from the sub-menu of the main Leaves menu.

Get a tabular view of the Leave Types along with rules or explanations for each one at the side. For a filtered view, search for a specific leave type in the search bar and click Search. If you want to go back to the default view, click Reset.

The page below shows you the total number of leave types that the organisation allows you to apply for.

The table also shows you:

  • Short Code of each leave type.

  • Total Leaves which you can apply for in a year or in a lifetime

  • Paid leave category to show whether it is a paid/earned leave or not.

  • Rules to explain when you can apply for this type of leave, in what conditions, and whether it is applicable to full-time employees or not.

Each rule will also explain the number of these types you can apply for in a month. The specifics of each leave type and rule might change or alter in the future or as per the organisation’s guidelines.

The above categories in the table to understand the rules of each leave type are customisable. Your HR or super admin can add or delete categories there as per the latest organisation’s guidelines.


Checking your leave balance log

Click Balance Log from the bar above or from the Leave menu in the left-side panel of your page.

The table will show you the Serial No. of the leaves, Leave Type, Change in the balance of that leave type, Balance of your leaves, Message of leave to explain the addition or subtraction, Updated on to specify the date the change in the balance log has been made.

Click the funnel at the top-right corner.

Choose the From and To date options and select Search to specify the page view below according to the dates of your choice.

Select the Leave Types from this filter field to know the balance log of a particular leave only.

Click Reset to get the default view.

A single page will show you about 100 records, which you can change from the Display Num’s drop-down menu options given at the bottom left side of the page.

The filter fields and the table fields can be customised by your HR or super admin, if required, as per the organisation’s policies.

We hope this article was useful to you. Read more related articles or reach out to our experts for further clarity.