uKnowva’s Calendar provides the user with innumerable options to schedule their activities. In fact, the Calendar is designed in such a way that any reminders that are added in other apps are also automatically added here and can be viewed and accessed from this one location. The user can add events to the calendar about any topic that is required. Further, the user can also add events from their iCal account to uKnowva’s Calendar. Thus, this application helps the user become more organized and hence more efficient and productive.

The Calendar can be accessed from the Tools menu as shown below.

It can also be accessed from My Menu as shown:

Calendar Full View

When you access the calendar from the Tools menu, it opens in a pop-up as shown.

The calendar can be opened in a new page, called the Full View, by clicking the “Switch to Full view” button in the pop-up or by accessing it from My Menu.

The pop-up view only displays the events already added to the calendar. To add events in the calendar, you have to view it in the full view.

Different types of events are displayed in different colors in the calendar.

Adding an Event in the Calendar:

In addition to the Events getting synchronized and added to the Calendar directly, the user can also add events directly. The steps for adding an event have been explained in Events.


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