The document repository in uKnowva is a place where users can upload files and share them with other users of the network. The uploaded files can be viewed in the browser or can be downloaded and saved to one’s system.

uKnowva’s document repository has no limit on the size of files being uploaded. When uploading a file, uKnowva checks the server’s upload size limit and accordingly breaks the file into multiple chunks and uploads them individually. These files are then reassembled after upload and saved. For example, if you want to upload a file of 200 mb and the server’s file size limit is 10 mb, uKnowva will break the file into 20 chunks of 10 mb each and upload them.

The document repository is accessed by clicking Documents. This is what the repository looks like.

Viewing/Downloading a Document

  1. Navigate to the folder in which the required file is located
  2. Click the name of the file
  3. Click Download


The file can be viewed once it is downloaded.

Uploading a Document

  1. Navigate to the folder you wish to upload the file to (or if required, create a new folder)
  2. Click “Upload Files”
  3. Add files by browsing or by dragging and dropping into the indicated area
  4. You can set viewing, edit, and delete rights for the uploaded files by typing the names of the users you want to grant access to. Leave the boxes blank if you want to give access to all
  5. Click Save

Deleting Files

A user can delete files uploaded by him and those files for which he has been given delete rights. The steps to delete a file are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the folder where the file is located
  2. Check the box in the file row
  3. Click “Delete”

Note: Multiple files can be deleted by this method

An alternate method to delete files is as follows:

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the name of the file. 2 options appear
  2. Click the 2nd option (red option)

Note: This method can be used to delete only one file at a time

Searching for Documents

  1. Click “Search Documents”
  2. Use any or all of the fields given to search for the required document
  3. Click “Search”

Recycle Bin

The “Recycle Bin” stores all the deleted files, in case they are needed later. 

Click “Recycle Bin”àClick the image to open Recycle Bin

In the recycle bin, you can permanently delete files or restore them to their original location. 

  • Hover the mouse pointer over the file nameàSelect the required option (either restore or delete)


  • Check the box in the file rowsàClick “Restore” or “Delete” as required

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