What happens to customer's data after termination

It is very sad to see a customer go, but it is a part of any business. Most common question a customer has when they terminate uKnowva is "What happens to my data?"

If you hosted uKnowva on your own premise, then the data is at your end, you may wish to keep it or destroy it.

If you were on our cloud, then we use the following steps to destroy the data

  1. For first three months after subscription, we shall keep data on our servers, but in an inactive stage .i.e. no-one will have access to it, unless a request for retrieving data is initiated by the customer. This is done because many times, customer would want some or the other data at a later stage. There is no cost of retrieval in this case
  2. After three months, the complete backup is moved to a cold storage, which means data is there on another server other than our cloud servers and it shall be available over there for next 1 year. It is very similar to storing it on our cloud, the only difference is that retrieving the data shall cost. In case any customer wants past data after 3 months, it shall cost on basis of the amount of data the complete instance had
  3. After keeping data in cold storage for 1 year, it shall be completely destroyed from the cold storage as well

For any further queries, please write to helpdesk[at]uknowva[dot]com