Developer Tools

Welcome to uKnowva Developer Tools. Developer Tools is an initiative by uKnowva to provide uKnowva developers all the tools that they will require to successfully create and publish their extensions. uKnowva extensions are basically of 5 types:

  1. Apps
  2. Widgets
  3. Plug-ins
  4. Themes and
  5. Languages

With Developer Tools, uKnowva aims to create a stable and solid pool of talented developers that will help in developing uKnowva further. The extensions created by these developers will add to the existing features of uKnowva and give it a competitive edge in today’s market.

Developer Tools provides the basic skeleton of all the PHP and XML files that developers will require to create a uKnowva extension. Since all uKnowva extensions are of the ukv format, Developer Tools also provides a Zip to ukv Converter. Developers have to ensure that the final extension is of the ukv format.

When a user registers himself as a uKnowva developer, he will automatically get registered on the Convergence Network. Here, he will get access to the developer tools. He will also have the Knowledge section and the Document repository at his disposal. In the Knowledge section, he can find the answers to his queries and doubts and he can use the Document repository to save his files and share them with other users on the site as required.