Manage claims seamlessly: Track and process claims with uKnowva's request and reimbursement modules at ease.

With uKnowva's intuitive interface, tracking and submitting requests, whether for ID cards, business cards, or travel tickets, has never been easier.

Navigate through the user-friendly menu to effortlessly request and monitor your progress.

For reimbursement claims, the system streamlines the process, allowing you to track, submit, and manage travel and general expense claims efficiently.

uKnowva HRMS empowers you to handle your requests and reimbursements with ease, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all your administrative needs.

So, without further ado, explore the tutorial below for a step-by-step guide and get started to manage your requests and claims better with complete transparency and ease of use.


Table of Contents

®     Tracking your requests

®     Requesting for ID cards

®     Requesting for Business cards

®     Requesting for Travel tickets

®     Tracking your reimbursement claim request

®     Applying for travel reimbursement claim

®     Applying for a general reimbursement claim


Tracking your requests


Go to the Requests main menu. Click it and find the Track My Request sub-menu.

The page that loads shows the total number of requests that were made, the request type, the action to be taken, the status of each request, the user who created the request, etc.

At the top of the page, click on Export to download the list of your total request that you’ve made to date. Find the Funnel icon next to the Export button. Click it to find fields like Search, Request Type, From/To, Status, etc., to filter the current page view.

Click Search to finalise the filtering of the page view.

Otherwise, click Reset to go back to the original view of this page.


Requesting for ID cards


Find the ID Card Request sub-menu under the Requests main menu.

The page loads a form that you need to fill out with the required information to submit the request for your dedicated ID card.

The page might show your full name and ask you to confirm your Employee ID/Gmail ID, write down your emergency contact number, and upload your photograph.

However, the details may vary depending on the fields chosen and set by the system admin.

Once you’re done filling out the form, click Submit. The request will be sent to your immediate approver to take it forward.


Requesting for Business cards


To submit a request for business cards, you need to go back to the Requests main menu and find the Business Card Request sub-menu.

Click this one to load its page on the main screen.

It will load the form set up by your organisation’s HR or system admin. A form like this might include Requested by name, Department name, Date of Request, Location, Designation, Complete address to where the business card must be shipped, phone number, email, etc.

Once you’re done with filling in all the required details, hit Submit. Your immediate approver will get instant notification onto their instance for approval or rejection of the same.


Requesting for Travel tickets


You can request for travel tickets directly from uKnowva’s system if you are to travel for business purposes in the coming days or weeks. For that, find the Travel Request sub-menu from Requests main menu on the left side of the panel.

Wait for the form to load on the centre of the page. It shall include certain fields that you would need to fill to ask for the travel tickets from the HR or finance department.

The fields might include Employee code, Gender, travel to/from details, Dates of the travel, whether wanting to book a return ticket, the purpose of the travel, etc.

The fields might vary in this form as well.

Once you’re sure of the details you’ve entered in this form, hit the Submit button at the end of the page. Your request then gets forwarded to your reporting manager, who is usually your immediate approver.


Tracking your reimbursement claim request


Whenever you need to check the current status of all your reimbursement claim requests, it’s easier with the Reimbursements main menu at the left side of the panel.

Find it and click it to get the list of sub-menus under it. There, you will find My Reimbursement. Click this button and let the centre of the page reload.

The page lists all your reimbursement claims of a period according to the serial number, request type, status, user who created the request, date it was created on, and the action like the Eye button to check all the details of the reimbursement claim.

Further, you can download the entire list of reimbursement claims by clicking the Export button at the top right corner of the page.

If you wish to filter the page view, click on the Funnel icon next to the Export icon. Funnel the page view according to the keywords to be entered in the Search bar, Request Type to select, From/To dates, Status of the reimbursement claim request, etc.

Once you’re sure of the filters to add, click Submit. The page reloads within seconds to show you the filtered version. If you wish to go back to the original view, click Reset.


Applying for travel reimbursement claim


Go to the Travel Reimbursement sub-menu from the Reimbursements main menu at the left side of the page if you wish to initiate the travel reimbursement claims.

The page will load a detailed form. It might ask you basic information like:

  • Name
  • Purpose
  • To and from dates of the travel
  • Manager
  • Department

Further, it has a section of No. of expenses. There you add the categories and number of expenses for each day of your trip. It has a + button, which helps you add more expenses to make the calculations simpler to understand for each day.

For each expense, you might need to add dates, comments, description, expenses on categories like Hotel, Fuel, Transport, Meals, Misc., etc. Each expense has a field named Total which automatically sums up the amount for the day.

The next section of this page will automatically calculate and bifurcate the expenses in different categories incurred during all of your travel days.

You can deduct any amount from the total expenses if there is from this calculator so that it then shows the Net Amount Payable for the accounts team to release the same later on.

You can also manually click the Calculate utton to refresh the totals of the entire expense sheet.

The very next section is for the Attachments. You will have to attach the proof of bills for the expenses incurred during the trip, especially the ones you have entered in the calculator above to justify the claims you’re asking for.

The final section of this page will include the Bank Account details which you need to enter for the accounts department to credit your dues rightfully.

Once you’re done filling the entire page, crosscheck the details, especially the bank account number, IFSC, etc., carefully. Then, click Submit. The request will reach your approver immediately for approving, rejecting, asking for a change, or delegating to the next level approver, if any.


Applying for a general reimbursement claim


You might want to file a form for general reimbursement claims which might be related to day-to-day expenses to execute your duties at work. So, find the General Reimbursement sub-menu as you did others from the Reimbursements main menu.

Let the page load at the centre of your screen. It will show you a form where you would be required to fill basic details like to and from dates of the expenses incurred, Expense details like Type, Date, Amount, Purpose, and attach Proof.

The fields may vary as per the default setting set up by your system admin.

The section has a + button to keep on adding expenses for a particular day.

Once done, click Submit for the request to be forwarded to your immediate approver.


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