Release Notes for uKnowva - April 2024

This month we have worked upon enhancing existing modules to give our clients better User experience. Apart from these we have made a few UI changes.


1.Link resignation module with workflow engine:

  • The Integrated Resignation Workflow seamlessly links our resignation module with the workflow engine, this enhancement streamlines the resignation approval process by aligning it with our existing workflow system.




2.Query Builder for creating new views:

  • Our latest module revolutionizes how users interact with our HRMS software by introducing a dynamic Query Builder feature. With a focus on enhancing user experience and eliminating dependencies on backend databases, this innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly create custom views directly from the frontend. By presenting a streamlined interface, users can select multiple existing views and choose specific columns to tailor their unique view requirements. Once saved, a new view is instantly generated, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in data management. Elevate your HRMS experience with our Query Builder module, designed to optimize usability and enhance productivity.



3.Allow leave application even if user has 0 leave balance:

  • The ability for users to apply for leave even when their leave balance is depleted. This pivotal feature is now seamlessly integrated into our system, offering users greater flexibility and control over their leave management. With the inclusion of a customizable setting within leave rules, administrators can specify allowances for negative leave balances up to predefined limits, ensuring smooth operation within organizational policies. Empower your workforce with the freedom to manage leave requests effortlessly, courtesy of our user-centric HRMS software upgrade.


4.Autoupgrade engine with feature highlighting option:

  • The Extension Update Notification is designed to keep your workforce informed and empowered, this module ensures that every time an extension within our HRMS software undergoes an update, a notification is promptly triggered. Stay ahead of the curve and maximize productivity by seamlessly integrating this feature into your HR processes. With real-time notifications, your team can effortlessly stay informed about system improvements and enhancements, allowing for smoother transitions and uninterrupted workflow. Elevate your HR management experience with our Extension Update Notification Module, delivering efficiency and ease of use in every update.



5.Introducing WebHook in uKnowva:

  • The Webhook Integration Module  seamlessly integrates with external applications and systems, this module empowers your HR processes by facilitating real-time communication and automation. By setting up webhook URLs within your HRMS settings, you can effortlessly trigger actions based on key events, such as new employee onboarding, payroll updates, or performance evaluations. With the ability to transmit relevant data payloads via HTTP POST requests, our Webhook Integration Module streamlines operations and ensures timely and accurate information exchange between your HRMS and other vital systems. Experience heightened efficiency and enhanced workflow automation with this intuitive and powerful addition to your HR toolkit.



6.Introduce dependent feature in table reference in drag & drop:

  • The Dynamic Table Reference Field empowers users to create table reference fields within the workflow engine, with the added capability of field dependency. Now, streamline your data entry process by establishing dependencies between fields, ensuring seamless data retrieval and entry. For instance, when selecting a country, the module automatically populates relevant state options, minimizing manual input and enhancing user experience. By integrating this functionality into our core system, we've significantly reduced development dependencies, providing a more efficient and user-friendly solution for your HR management needs. Experience heightened flexibility and productivity with our Dynamic Table Reference Field Module, setting a new standard in HRMS software innovation.




7.Workflow engine add more approver options:

  • The Enhanced Workflow Configuration Module  offers added flexibility and convenience, allowing users to designate default approvers at each level and make custom field selections multiple. With custom field options alongside Immediate Manager and HR Manager selections, and a refined approval matrix table interface, workflow setup is now smoother and more intuitive. Reduce dependency on development teams and streamline your HR processes with this user-friendly enhancement.




 8.uKnowva Web Accessibility:

  •  Step into a world where every click speaks volumes! uKnowva is thrilled to unveil its latest enhancement, a game-changer for visually impaired users. Effortlessly let your specially-abled employees navigate as the cursor glides through the homepage to know live announcements, check team members on leave, listen to accurate daily punch and punch out timings, and get live news feed updates. But wait, there's more. The side panel options are also vocalised, guiding such users through the interface with clarity and precision. And here's the cherry on top: the feature also works for applying for leaves and marking daily attendance to aid the specially-abled staff members with every click literally.




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