Release Notes for uKnowva - March 2024

This month, we have worked on enhancing existing modules and introducing new ones to provide our clients with a better user experience. Additionally, we have made a few UI changes.


1.Introducing Probation Confirmation module:

  • The Probation Confirmation module in uKnowva HRMS simplifies and automates the probation confirmation process for organizations. With a user-friendly listing page, managers can efficiently monitor employees approaching confirmation deadlines. Timely reminders ensure no deadlines are missed, while a predefined set of questions promotes consistency during the evaluation process. Additionally, configurable approval levels enable users to update relevant fields for confirmed employees seamlessly.






2.Automatic User group assignment in User group manager:

  • The Automatic User Group Assignment feature in the User Group Manager streamlines the process of assigning user groups within uKnowva HRMS. Administrators can create criteria-based rules, like department or job title, and users meeting these criteria are automatically assigned to relevant groups. This enhancement simplifies administrative tasks and ensures precise user group assignments, enhancing system usability and functionality.



3.Link optional holiday with workflow engine:

  • The integration of optional holiday approval with the workflow engine in uKnowvaHRMS represents a significant advancement. Previously, managed separately in HRM Lite, this integration streamlines the approval process, enhancing user experience and administrative efficiency. By consolidating approvals into a single interface and introducing a default workflow named "Optional Holiday Approval," setup is simplified, ensuring a smoother experience for all users involved.

4.Integrate virtual biometric with leaf map:

  • The integration of Virtual Biometric with Leaf Map enhances uKnowva HRMS software functionality, offering a cost-effective mapping solution for our virtual biometric plugin. By enabling a setting, users can transition to Leaf Map, reducing dependency on costly Google Maps. This ensures flexibility and cost efficiency while maintaining smooth operation of our virtual biometric system.



5.Block backdated comp. off utilization:

  • The Block Backdated Comp. Off Utilization feature in uKnowva HRMS enhances operational efficiency and compliance. Administrators can activate a setting preventing users from utilizing compensation offs for dates prior to earning them, eliminating backdated usage. This development, initiated in response to client feedback, demonstrates our commitment to meeting user needs and upholding organizational policies. By incorporating this functionality, we aim to streamline leave management processes, minimize errors, and ensure regulatory compliance across the uKnowva HRMS platform.



6.Leave Application Page revamped:

  • The revamped Leave Application Page in uKnowva HRM introduces enhanced functionality for streamlined leave management. This update simplifies the process of requesting and tracking leave, offering intuitive design and real-time status updates. Employees can effortlessly submit requests and view their balances, while managers benefit from simplified approval workflows and comprehensive tools for leave management. This enhancement aims to optimize efficiency, promote transparency, and empower users to effectively manage leave requests within the uKnowva HRMS platform.



7.Salary Details page revamped:

  • The revamped Salary Details page in our HRMS software enhances functionality and user experience. It provides employees and administrators with easy access to comprehensive salary details, including basic pay, allowances, and deductions. With intuitive navigation and customizable reporting options, managing employee compensation becomes efficient. Real-time updates and a user-friendly design underscore our commitment to delivering seamless HRMS solutions for modern workplaces.











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