Release Notes for uKnowva - December 2022

This month we have made many enhancements on existing features to improve the overall user experience. We have also added a few new features to enhance the usability of our uKnowva HRMS


Exit Module

a.       Full N Final settlement is an important part of payroll and Exit.

b.       Gratuity/TDS/Leave Encashment/Notice Period/Hold Salaries/Current Salary  is now calculated automatically as a part of FNF

c.       Custom filters added in the resignation module

d.       My team’s resignation data can now be exported into an excel sheet



a.       Overall UI/UX updation of recruitment engine in mobile

b.       New welcome email design added


a.       While adding earnings/deductions if someone gives Adjustment Days the system will now ask for which month you are giving the adjustment.

b.       And while generating salary system will add the amount for adjustment days in salary as per the configuration set in HRM Lite.

c.       New configuration for payslip added – they can now be sent on emails as attachment

d.       Select option while selecting head in salary is set up



a.       We have changed the PMS UI (for Desktop and Mobile both) 

b.       Reporting tool UI/UX updated

c.       Implemented password policy in uKnowva

d.       When a user take action on transaction from email he/she the system now redirects to transaction details page instead of the home page

e.       Emails now triggered on subscription and assignment of course in LMS

f.        Reimbursement forms date validation enhanced and corrected

g.       User asset module enhanced for displaying details and export of data.

h.       New search option added to search for inactive users

i.         Access option added in letter templates section

j.        While importing P & A sheet the system now automatically manages leaves as well. 

k.    PII data of users now encrypted in DB as a added security protocol