Release Notes for uKnowva - November 2022

This month we have made many enhancements on existing features to improve the overall user experience. We have also added a few new features to enhance the usability of our uKnowva HRMS

1.      Recruitment

a.      New feature added in Interview scheduling - you can now auto generate Google Meet while scheduling interviews



2.      Leave and attendance

a.      New feature added in "Attendance Regularization Notifier" plugin of deduct leaves for absent days on a particular date in a month.

b.      Leave Status filter has been added on my teams leave history page.

c.      Our virtual biometric can now track location at the time of punchout too


3.      Generate letters

a.      Logs are now generated for all letters that are generated against any user from the system

b.      The system now gives a log of all iterations made for any letter – you can now view all the previous letter details in the log


4.      Workflow

a.      New validation added in workflow forms - FROM date should be less than TO date.

b.      Changes made in

          i.     Non CTC Reimbursement

          ii.     Reimbursement Travel Request

          iii.     Travel Request

c.      While creating workflow forms via drag and drop, property name of the fields which we are creating is now auto populated as per the label.


5.      Salary

a.      The template of importing extra earning now has salary heads in columns, current one is a bit complicated and not self-explanatory.

b.      Extra earning and deduction addition to salary now generates a notification to the employee


6.      Over all

a.      The banner rotator on the homepage is now easy to use and Intelligent

b.      Changes made in the configuration for Auto play, Pagination

c.      Alignment correction and admin user settings improved

d.      Add filter option now available in Organization chart

e.      UI/UX of org chart fixed

f.       We have made the following enhancement in terms of language in profile field manager.

          i.     Changed Personal to Self

          ii.     Changed Superior to Manager

          iii.     Changed Manager and User to Self and Manager

g.      Default report added for Exit interview status

h.      Option now available to select usergroup while creating profile field of user type