Release Notes for uKnowva - October 2022

uKnowva HRMS has undergone quite a few updates in the month of October 2022 with a clear goal of improving the overall user experience with the system


 1.Payroll Processing steps updated

  • Variables Calculation has been brought up in the pre-salary calculation process.This is done to avoid making changes to the calculated salary.
  • Impacts on HOLD and EXIT salaries mitigated

The export option is also made available on this page2. Recruitment user experience improved

  • Email notifications are added at the time of job creation and recruiter assignment. 
  • Job Portal cache cleanup option added in cache management 
  • Pre Onboarding now has multiple attachment feature
  • Direct download of Offer letter feature added
  • Bulk candidate import page performance enhanced

3.Workflow engine UI/UX improved

  • Approval and rejection page UX improved
  • Request and reimbursement page UI and responsiveness improved
  • My team page UX improved with additional features

4.Performance management system additional features added 

  • Option Now available to reassign past KRAs

uKnowva now supports both % and amount of increment input in the BH rating page 5. Investment declaration new features added

  • Option to change user’s tax regime in bulk added 
  • The list of exemptions updated

6.Overall improvements 

  • UX improvement in profile field manager
  • Academic year option added for schools and universities in the HR app manager
  • Option available now for multiple attachment uploads in the import option of the user manager
  • The additional configuration is created to change the date format in reporting engine
  • Smart attendance reminder as per shift changes added in virtual biometric plugin 
  • Leave management plugin updated with new features and validation of exit management