Release Notes for uKnowva - August 2022

uKnowva team has released new set of features and integration for digital signature, listed below are the release for august month :

1. Addition of configuration to admins to show the visibility of tabs on profile field under 360 degree profile view

2. Exit clearance in uknowva has become much smarter with new features like 

  •  Linking the Department heads with uKnowva workflow engine 

  •  Drag and Drop feature available to built exit clearance forms . Therefore eliminating the developer dependency

  •  Default reports available now for exit clearance

  •  Setting up of exit interview forms using uKnowva drag and drop feature

3. Performance improvement for reporting tool

4. Feature to download payslips to admin users in single click

5. Bug fixture in roll out appraisal feature (KRA )

6. Process and performance optimisation while sending welcome emails to users

7. Filter optimization on my teams leave history

8. Salary structure code optimisation

9. Option to send mail and notification to user while generating letter.

10. Bug fix in optional holiday for Conditional fields

11. Filters optimisation in workflow engine

12. uKnowva eMudhra digital signature integration

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