Release Notes for uKnowva - July 2022

The below-listed features and enhancements are released in the month of JULY:

1. Important Security patch for uknowva

2. User creation API to create a user in uKnowva, update user details, and disable the user. This API helps to push user's data into uKnowva from different systems VIA API

3. Report scheduling - Now schedule reports to individual users as well with uKnowva's reporting tool

4. Addition of missing database logs

5.uKnowva cache cleaning technique implemented in recruitment as well

6. Feature to notify other admin users if any non-admin user is assigned admin in the system. The system will notify existing admin users via mail and system notifications

7. Feature that will log out the disabled users from all devices and restrict the user to access the system.

8. In an attempt to reduce the email bouncing back to our server, Infra and the dev team have drastically brought down the spamming and bounced email activity. 

9. UI and UX improvement in Performance module and mobile APP.