How uKnowva's Performance Management system works?

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This document describes the flow of the PMS module in uKnowva.

Roles Included and Basic flow of the Module

  1.  Employee
  2.  Reporting Manager
  3.  HR Manager
  4.  Business Head

Let's have a look of the working of uKnowva resignation module step by step:

Set Up KRA:

  1.   Reporting Manager will select the year and set KRA for employee
  2.  Employee will accept the KRA or will raise the request for changes.



Roll Out Appraisal


1.       HR Manager will create Appraisal type and Roll Out Appraisals.

2.       Employee will rate himself and submit ratings

3.       Reporting manager will get notification of employees rating

4.       Reporting manager will rate his Team members.

5.       Business head will rate his team member and fill other details. He will submit his ratings.

6.       HR Manager will approve business Heads rating.

7.       Employee can see final rating of Reporting manager and Business head.






Refer below for further guidelines on:

1) How to set KRA of any user in performance module?

2) How to import KRA template?

3) How to add new appraisal?