How to allow users to add their Investment Declaration?

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Investment Declarations help your employees reduce their taxable income ultimately maximizing their take-home salary. 

Now you can allow your employees to themselves submit the proposed investments as IT declaration on uKnowva.

As an Admin or an HR of your organization, you can set permission to allow users to declare their investments from the system.


1) Log in with your uKnowva account. Click on your profile icon from the top-right corner, click on the menu ‘uKnowva Configuration’.



2) Click on Menu 'App Manager' and then search for ‘Investment declaration’ and select ‘Investment declaration app’


3)  Select ‘ Allow User to Declare Investment’ . Select Yes/No in ‘Allow User to Declare investment’.


4) If YES is selected,  user can update his investment declaration.

>> Click on ‘Investment Declaration’ from Left main menu.

>> Click on ‘My Investment Declaration’.


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