Employee profile: Setting up your uKnowva profile page with employee details and insights

The profile page in uKnowva, highlights all the relevant information of an employee, including their insights. You will find employee data fields like employee ID, email ID, designation, full name, contact information., employment status, etc., on this page.

Additionally, you can view other essential employee information like their current and permanent address, and employment information like bank details, PF number, joining date, confirmation date, etc., according to view access assigned to you.

Let’s get into the details of each such information on uKnowva to learn how to manage an employee’s profile and database.


Table of Contents

®   Profile page overview

®   Employee Details

ü  Basic information

ü  Personal information

ü  Contact information

ü  Educational information

ü  Employment information

ü  Bank / PF Account information

ü  Documents

®   Editing Your Profile

®   Save as Draft & Submit

®   Employee Insights

ü  Payroll

ü  Goalsheet

ü  Leaves

ü  Activities

ü  Timeline

®   Additional fields on the profile page

ü  Profile statistics

ü  Skills and endorsements

ü  Organization chart


Profile Page Overview

Click My Profile on the left side menu on the main page to open your profile page.

Find the profile picture section on the left side. Click this picture to view it. To edit the profile picture, click on the pencil button. There is a like button below your profile picture. Others can come to your profile and give your picture a like to improve engagement with you.

Besides your profile picture, you can view your full name and designation. Below that, you will find the list of other information like Employee ID, Email ID, Contact No., Employee Status, Team that you belong to, and Reports to section.

Just below that, you have a snippet of various insights related to your profile. This may include insights on Points, Groups, Colleagues, Photos, Videos, etc.

Super admins can configure these fields to add or remove elements from these insights, if required.


Employee Details

Get a 360-degree view of all your relevant and permitted employee data fields here as you scroll down your profile page. Read about the different groups of employee details below for a generic overview.

  • Basic Information

    The first group of the Employee Details is the Basic Information. It has fields like Gender, About me, Blood Group, Your views on the organisation, etc.

  • Personal Information

    Your personal information fields, like Place of Birth, Mother Tongue, Marital Status, etc., will be seen here.

  • Contact Information

    The field here highlights your Mobile Phone, Land Phone, Current Address, Address (Permanent), City, State, Country, Pin Code, Personal Email ID, and Emergency Contact Number, etc.

    Your company can reach you or send you important documents or assets whenever required with the help of these details.

  • Educational Information

    Your latest educational documents like certified marksheets for high school, graduation and post graduation will be highlighted here. Other information to find here might also include, Year of Passing (Grad), Year of Passing (Post Grad), etc.

  • Employment Information

    Find information like your Date of Joining, Confirmation Date, Shift Timing, Employee Code, Business Head name, etc., here.

    These fields tell you briefly about your employment information related to your shift timings, who you report to, how many days of the notice period you might have to serve, when did you join the organisation, etc.

  • Bank / PF Account information

    Find your Bank Name, Bank Account No., and other relevant bank details here.

  • Documents

    Your verified identification proofs and any related information will be highlighted here.


    Super admins can remove or add new groups in the employee details according to the changing company policies.


Editing Your Profile

Locate your Name at the top-right side of your registered uKnowva portal. Click on it and then find a drop-down menu. Select the Edit Profile Details option there.

You can see different fields on this page as per the view and edit access granted to your user ID by the super admin. Start editing those which you can and then proceed to save or submit the details.


Save as Draft & Submit

Once you’re sure that you’ve entered all the necessary details on the profile page, you can click Submit. Otherwise, you can click Save as Draft if you think you need more time to complete or update the profile information.

However, once you submit, your HR will get an instant notification to confirm the changes that you have made to the profile.

This chain of approval can have multiple levels, depending on the criticality of the profile fields that may have sensitive employee data.


Employee Insights

These categories give you insights about your job role and position in the company. Read the brief about each category here.

  • Payroll

    A manager can get a quick overview of the progress their subordinate has made in the organisation from the time they joined till the date, on the basis of the salary they have drawn.

    The Salary Details section shows your Annual CTC, Monthly Gross salary, and Monthly in Hand salary.

  • Goal sheet

    If your company uses our PMS module, the goals/KRA-KPIs/OKR, etc., set there will be highlighted here. This section gives you an idea of your responsibilities and deliverables. Also, all your scorecards will be available here once the evaluations are done.

  • Leaves

    A manager doesn’t have to jump over different modules when they’re checking the leaves data of their employees in this category.

    For instance, the Leaves Balance section shows the total number of different types of leaves, like Casual Leaves, Personal Leaves, Maternity Leaves, Comp Offs, and/or Leave Without Pay, etc., available in the employee’s account.

    The Leaves History section shows a brief history of the leaves you have taken in the recent past. To see the entire list of your leaves, click on the Show All Leaves button located at the top right corner of this section.

  • Activities

    A manager gets a macro view of all the activities that their employee has carried out in the uKnowva portal in this category. It’s like the employee’s personal news feed to know when and which thoughts they’ve posted, commented, or liked.

  • Timeline

    A reporting manager or an HR manager learns about the transition of their employee based on the promotions they have received to date in this category. They overview the entire timeline in chronological order here to check and verify the gap in between.


Additional Fields on the Profile Page

These are additional insights that an employee can find on their profile page. Super admin or HR can add or remove those from an employee's profile if there is any requirement.

  • Profile Statistics

    The profile statistics include Profile Complete, Connected, Contribution, and Active status or percentage. It shows how much percentage of your profile is completed, how connected you are with your colleagues, your contribution and active participation on the network.

  • Skills and Endorsements

    This section allows you to update your skills by clicking the Add Skill button on the top right corner of this section.

    You can ask others in your organisation to endorse your skills to get higher points and become a verified expert in no time.

  • Organization Chart

    This is an additional insight added to your profile. It allows you to check the node or the level where you belong in the organisation. You get clarity as to who reports to you and who you are reporting to.

    Change the view of the organisation chart on the basis of Levels.

    Click Reset at the right side of this section to get back to the default view of the organisation chart that shows your position in the hierarchy. Click the arrow button, which is located beside the Reset button, to view the chart in another window.

    We hope this article was helpful for you to manage, edit, and update your profile.

    If you’re in doubt, please read other articles or reach out to our experts.