The Complete Tutorial of Onboarding candidate


"Onboarding" refers to the processes in which new hires are integrated into the organization. It includes activities that allow new employees to complete an initial new-hire orientation process, as well as learn about the organization and its structure, culture, vision, mission, and values. For some organizations, the onboarding process consists of one or two days of activities; for other organizations, this process may involve a series of activities spanning one or many months.

All new employees are onboarded—but the quality of the onboarding makes a difference. Too often, onboarding consists of handing a new employee a pile of forms and having a supervisor or HR professional walk the employee around the premises, making introductions on an ad hoc basis. When onboarding is done well, however, it lays a foundation for long-term success for the employee and the employer. It can improve productivity, build loyalty and engagement, and help employees become successful early in their careers with the new organization.

This tutorial helps in setting up the onboarding of the candidate.


Every organization has a different set of questions and information for every employee record. The field of information for any candidate is to make sure that they are part of uKnowva HRMS recruitment module. 

You can set that by uKnowva configuration and look for recruitment engine in apps manager. And make sure the customized profile fields are part of the Pre-Onboarding Fields