Linking a Third-Party Application

uKnowva is highly extensible, it also has the capability to integrate third party web-based applications, irrespective of what they are coded in (be it, JSP, Python, Perl, etc.) such that when they are linked in uKnowva and a user logs into uKnowva and tries to go to the third party application's URL, the user is automatically logged in into that application too, there by having an effective SINGLE SIGN ON which greatly adds up to the user experience. 

The following is a simple example of integrating a third-party application hosted on say (This would be your application's URL).

  1. Click the + sign that gives you the options for Extending uKnowva.
  2. Click Link an Application; a pop-up opens.
  3. Select the menu where you want the new app to appear, enter the app name, URL, and accessibility rights. If required change the token variable and enter more variables whose values you would like to pass to the application (for an example, refer the screenshot).

4.Hit Save; the new app will be seen in the menu that you choose.

To setup the single sign-on for external applications, Please click here

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