Salary and investment declarations: Keeping these insights in check with uKnowva

The My Finance module within uKnowva HRMS offers employees three sub-sections: My Salary, My Payslips, and Investment Declaration.

My Salary provides a real-time overview of an employee's compensation, detailing allowances and deductions.

My Payslips allows easy access to monthly payslips for financial tracking and planning.

The Investment Declaration feature enables employees to manage and declare investments, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and supporting overall financial well-being.

These tools collectively empower employees with valuable resources for effective day-to-day financial management. So, let’s dive into these modules further to start managing and overviewing your earnings and deductions better.


Table of Contents

®     Checking my salary

®     Checking my payslips

®     Managing your investment declaration statements


Checking my salary


Go to the My Finance on the main menu on the left side of the panel.

Find My Salary on the sub-menu and click on it.

The page that loads shows you real-time information about your current salary details, including allowances and deductions, providing transparency and clarity on your financial compensation.


Checking my payslips


My Payslips is another sub-menu on the My Finance menu.

Go to this page, and find a Details View and a Grid View of your payslips to date.

Either click on your payslip from the details view or go to the Grid view and click on a folder of your choice. A PDF format of your payslip shall be made visible. Click on it.

A new window opens where you can see your payslip for that month.

You can now download the same payslip to your computer system. A download option will be visible at the top. You can also click on the Eye button/icon to check the details of your payslip from the page. The option is available next to the download button.

A user might also have the option to leave a comment on the payslip document from this page.


Managing your investment declaration statements


This is the third sub-menu under the My Finance menu on the left side of the panel.

Find and click on it.

The page shows your monthly and yearly TDS deductions as per your chosen salary tax regime.

Select the Financial Year and the Tax Regime first. Then, view your TDS calculations for the year.


However, be careful to choose a tax regime because it will impact your TDS calculations later. It’s better to consult your payroll manager and financial advisor before changing the salary tax regime here.

So, as the TDS calculations page opens, you can see the yearly breakdown of your CTC along with all the investment declarations and other deductions you’re eligible for or have applied for throughout the year.

You can also click the Export Form 16B at the top of the page to download this form for the chosen financial year for submitting it while filing for income tax returns.

Return to the investment declarations page and find all the investment declarations you’re eligible for as per your current salary bracket or CTC.

Click Print All Investments to download the form as proof of your investment declarations.

Scroll down the page and you will find the total amount of investment declarations you’ve applied for and the total amount approved by your immediate approver, who is most likely to be your reporting manager or the HR administrator.

Otherwise, update your investment declarations using the Pen icon under the Action section of each investment form you’re eligible for.

After clicking this icon, you will get on to a new page that asks you to upload the specific form as per the investment declaration you’ve chosen to file. Each such form is self-explanatory. Find provisions at the end of the page of each form, wherever required, to make the experience easier while submitting your details.

Once you’re done filing for a form, click Save

The form then goes for approval to your immediate approver. You will get notified automatically once your investment declarations are rejected or approved.

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