uKnowva Backup

Backing up your uKnowva instance comprises 3 steps. They are outlined as follows:

Step 1: Backup Your Code

Your code is saved in the root folder of your WAMP, XAMPP, or LAMP. To take a backup of the code, zip all the files in that folder and save it in a secure location.

For example, if my instance is saved in “XAMPP/htdocs/uknowva_instance,” I will zip all the files and folders in uknowva_instance and save it in a different location.

Step 2: Backup Your Database

Restoring uKnowva

Just like the process of backing up of uKnowva, the restoration process also has 3 steps.

Step 1: Restore Your Code

If you are restoring on different server other than the one you backed up the instance from, please make sure that you have the server side software installed and running on the new server. For more information, click here. Also, please note: To ...