Your attendance: Recording and regularising it at your uKnowva portal with valid reasons

Daily attendance is important as we all know it helps to streamline the process of calculating the total number of pay days for the employee. So, you can mark your attendance either through:

  • Physical biometric attendance system
  • Virtual biometric attendance system
  • Recording it in Excel workbooks

uKnowva HRMS helps you to deal with all the above ways to record, synchronise, and regularise your attendance. It offers the facility to synchronise the data from the physical biometrics to its seamless and on-cloud attendance management system.

Furthermore, we offer a virtual biometric system that allows you to punch in and punch out accordingly, enabling you to continue working flexibly. Read more about this feature later in this article.

Next, uKnowva allows users to upload attendance records in a CSV format to sync the manual data with the system effortlessly.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into how you can record and regularise your attendance seamlessly on our self-serving portal.


Table of Contents

®     Syncing physical biometric attendance with the attendance module

®     Marking your attendance with virtual biometrics

®     Checking and regularising your attendance with the attendance module


Syncing physical biometric attendance with the attendance module


The first step requires the super HR administrator to request a feature to “Sync” the offline attendance data with the system. After that, you can view the Sync button at the top of the attendance page.

Access it by clicking Attendance on the left pane of the home page.


Marking your attendance with virtual biometrics

Whenever you log into your dedicated uKnowva instance, a virtual biometric page must appear if your organisation has taken up that module. Check the snapshot below for the reference.


The page shows your login time, along with the mood-o-meter called Happiness Meter. You can punch in your daily attendance here with your current mood and write about your agenda for the day in the description box below the mood-o-meter.

At the same time, the same virtual biometric lets you punch-in with your live location, if you turn on your GPS location. This is a Geo-tagging feature enabled in the uKnowva HRMS instance.

Further, if your HR has switched on the Geo-fencing feature within the virtual biometrics module, you will not be able to punch in or punch out of the permitted range of location

Once you are ready to punch into the system, click the fingerprint sensor button, which will successfully log you into the instance.

If you want to punch out of the system, ending your workday, you can find the fingerprint sensor again at the top of the page.

Click on it, and you will be directed to the same virtual biometric page to log out of the system. Write a brief about your day in the text box, and click on the emoji as you did when you logged in to record your mood when logging out.

The attendance details of this punch-in and punch-out will reflect in your attendance chart automatically.


Checking and regularising your attendance


You can always go back to the attendance module to check your attendance data if you have a doubt and want to regularise it. So, go to the attendance sub-section first.

The page that loads will reflect your attendance mark for the current month in a date-wise format.

The entire data will be colour-coded according to the hours you’ve worked and punched into the system for each day. The meaning of each coloured bar is at the bottom of the page so that you can identify any gaps in your attendance records.

If the data is actually missing on any particular day on this page, click the date. A pop-up shall appear.


Add Attendance by adjusting the by adjusting the Start and End Time along with the description to state the reason why you want to regularise the attendance for this day and time.


Add Leave by selecting Me in front of the For User option to add a leave for your account. Select the Leave Type Leave Type from the drop-down menu. It will show you only those leaves you can apply for as per your current leaves balance.

Choose if you’re adding only a full, half, or multiple days of leave.

If you’re adding a full day's leave, select it, choose the date, and enter the reason.

However, if you’re adding a half-day leave, you need to select which half of the day you’re on leave. Then, proceed to write the reason below.

Finally, if you’re adding leaves for multiple days, you must select From and To date, including the first/second half of the first and the last dates of your leaves. Then, state why you apply for a leave in the box below.

After that, upload the proof showing that you were on leave that day..

When you’re done adding your attendance or leave for the day, click Save.

After that, your request for that day will be forwarded to the assigned approver, who is most likely your reporting manager or the HR manager.

However, if you’re not sure to click Save yet and need further clarification, click Cancel instead or close the pop-up window.

After the approval of the regularised data, view it on the date you have added it for on this page.


You can filter the view of your Attendance page by clicking on the Month, Day, or Week button at the top right corner.

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