uKnowva—Extending Collaboration

uKnowva is an enterprise collaboration platform for businesses. It offers seamless networking and communication features to connect with employees, partners, and customers and bring accelerated growth and increase in productivity. With open communication and collaboration across various departments, groups, and teams, uKnowva offers a new business environment with new opportunities and innovation to get the competitive edge.

In addition, uKnowva also helps your organization with superior talent management, improved professional networking and an efficient way of handling performance support. It intelligently uses web 2.0 technology and seamlessly integrates into your business to deliver optimized performance at your workplace. It also offers customization options along with the flexibility to incorporate it into your existing applications.

uKnowva is integrated with various useful applications to help and support the smooth functioning of your day-to-day business operations. The easy-to-use intuitive interface makes it user friendly and adds an element of excitement in the professional environment.

As all employees in a company will be a part of uKnowva, they can seamlessly communicate with each other through messages and chat, without being dependent on other media such as Gmail or other messengers.

The Knowledge Repository will become the first choice for employees to look for answers to their questions as everyone can use this section to ask questions and get answers.

CRM for your sales needs, HRM for your internal employee management, Projects for handling all your in-house and external projects and many more such customized apps will help you organize your organization better.

uKnowva and its features have been created by forking Joomla and some of its popular open-source components. The uKnowva architecture and design have been inspired by Joomla 1.7 and improved upon with the corporates in mind. The Social Intranet has been inspired by Jomsocial, and the Knowledge forum has been developed by improving Kunena. The Document Repository and the Polls sections have been created from the scratch by the Convergence Team. To know more about the uKnowva's modules and components, please read the Architecture.

In uKnowva Wikis, we discuss all things uKnowva—right from installation to troubleshooting. Wikis is an attempt to make all the information about uKnowva available freely to its users so that the time taken in support to and fro will be reduced. 

Most issues faced in uKnowva will be discussed here, and for queries not addressed here, please contact our Support Team.

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