Installing Locally

You do not need to depend on the apps available on the uKnowva Extension Store to extend uKnowva. You can very well create your own app and upload it to uKnowva. This is what we call Installing Locally.

The steps that you need to follow are as follows:

Create your app and save it in the “.ukv” format In uKnowva, click the + sign that gives options for extending uKnowva Click Install Locally

Browse and select your file from your...

Linking a Third-Party Application

uKnowva is highly extensible, it also has the capability to integrate third party web-based applications, irrespective of what they are coded in (be it, JSP, Python, Perl, etc.) such that when they are linked in uKnowva and a user logs into uKnowva and tries to go to the third party application's URL, the user is automatically logged in into that application too, there by having an effective SINGLE SIGN ON which greatly...

Install/Upgrade from Extension Store

uKnowva has a great extension store, where you could find many ready to user apps like HRMS, Project Management, Support Ticketing system, Lead management, etc.

Installing/Upgrading these apps on your instance is very easy and quick, all you need is admin access to your instance of uKnowva. You just need to follow the below steps:

Login into your instance as an admin Click on the Plus button in your top menu You will now see three options, out of that select Extension store (...