Disaster Recovery Plan

At uKnowva Cloud, we practice a Backup policy that ensures database backups are done daily and files/code backups are done weekly. You may read more about the backup policy on this link: https://docs.uknowva.com/security-compliance/290-bakup-policy-on-uknowva-cloud

What disaster recovery plan do we have in place?

  1. Regular backups are done on basis of above mentioned policy
  2. We store the backups in different locations from production, so as to ensure faster recovery in case of disaster.
  3. We do weekly drills to randomly pickup an account and restore it with latest backup and ensure the data is not more than 24 hours old to ensure drill was successful
  4. Our RPO (Recovery point objective) is 24 hours
  5. Our RTO (Recovery time objective) depends on organizations internal policy, number of user and amount of data on the cloud, but we commit a timeline of 8 hours in a case of disaster

For On-premises instances, disaster recovery is completely customer's responsibility and we advise to follow the same plan.



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