Release Notes for uKnowva 2.4.4

Less than a year after releasing uKnwova 2.4.3, Team uKnowva has now come up with uKnowva 2.4.4—Stallion. This new version is more user friendly and like all previous updates, has a long list of updates, bug fixes and new features. In fact, this is uKnowva’s largest release yet, and if you are a developer, you will love it. Read on for more details about the release.

New Features/Improvements

    • Admins can now set the video quality and video size from Global Configuration

    • Added the option of searching by email as well in uKnowva token inputs. For e.g, when you are providing access rights to folders or files in Documents, you can now search for users by their Email address as well
    • Admins can sort users by the Online column in User Manager

    • Document Versioning information has been added in the File Edit layout
    • Admins can select the user groups that can have access to the Instant Messenger from Global Configuration

    • Admins can select parent menus for menu items

    • Added an option for Admins to reset user passwords from their profile pages; this code was added in plugins/community/uknowva/uknowva.php

    • User Thumbnails will now be seen in notifications from Documents and Discussion Forum

    • Users can read all past notifications, mark notifications as read, and delete notifications

    • Admins can edit user profiles from the front end itself. Go to the user’s profile page and click “Edit Profile”

    • Text fields in the Edit Profile page now have the auto-complete feature
    • Admins have an option to export a list of users from User Manager

    • Removed the session-based cache from superior and sub-ordinates functions in convhelper.php
    • Group administrators can now add members to the group (in addition to uKnwova administrators)
    • Added the facility of showing the usernames of users that were skipped while importing users from a CSV file
    • Added tableinput type of user fields in community custom profiles
    • Added video statistics to the profile page along with tooltips

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