Release Notes for uKnowva - August 2023

This month we have made many enhancements on existing features to improve the overall user experience. 

1.       UI of Meeting Room Booking System enhanced

2.       The system now displays resignation details of user on Profile Page Header section

3.       We have created an API for pushing out Paid/Unpaid days of users

4.       The system now has an option to send additional letter along with Relieving Letter

5.       Design revamped of birthday/anniversary emails which is sent to users

6.       Latest VAPT security fixes updated onto core HRMS

7.       Emails will be deleted from the mail queue before it is sent if an article is deleted

8.       Reporting Tool enhanced for better performance. Features added include - 

      a. Filter type selection option to filter dropdown/date/users type

      b. Option to model data (type of data - serialize,json,data etc.)

      c. PDF to support Landscape, Legal mode, etc.

9.      Created a default workflow for leave encashment and given a configuration to select workflow for leave encashment