Release notes – April 2023

This month we have made many enhancements on existing features to improve the overall user experience. We have also added a few new features to enhance the usability of our uKnowva HRMS

1.       Leave and attendance

a.      Leave application of next financial year using leave balance current financial year to avoid lapses logic rectified

b.      Birthday leave validation added

c.      New have a new validation that will trigger emails to Admin of system incase attendance records are not received from physical biometric systems for X hours

d.      Admin’s attendance regularization is also sent for approvals now

2.       Recruitment

a.       Validation on prejoining kit corrected

b.       New feature added in recruitment engine to ask candidate to submit their KYC details

c.       Emp code series generation feature upgraded to contain –

                                                   i.      Whether you want to add series name – before, after or none in employee code.

                                                 ii.      You can decide the length of employee code.

d.       Welcome email template updated

e.       Candidate bulk upload enhanced

3.       Overall

a.      PMS now has an option to remove or deactivate the validation of BH rating  for completion of PMS cycle

b.      Search filter UX improved

c.      New feature to schedule report on last day of month