How to Add a Single Candidate or add Candidates Bulk in the uKnowva Recruitment Module

Step 1: You can view all the applicant details, Education, Salary Expectation, Date of Application etc in the Talent pool sub-menu in the Recruitment Menu


Step 2: To add a new candidate, click on the icon shown in the image



Step 3: Fill all the Basic information in the "Add candidate page"


Step 4: After entering all the details, click on "Save"


Step 5: Fill all the Profile information in "Add candidate page"


Step 6:  After filling all the information, Click on "Save"


Step 7: To import applicants in Bulk, click on Import Bulk Candidates on the top right corner of the screen


Step 8: Read the Note carefully and enter the information


Step 9: Download the ZIP file, enter the information and Upload the file


Step 10: You can also Fill the information Manually / Add access the job as well



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