How to Add Sources in uKnowva Recruitment Module

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The Source feature within uKnowva enables integration with a variety of recruitment channels, including job boards and consulting firms. By leveraging these sources, you expand your candidate pool, increasing the likelihood of finding ideal candidates. Additionally, tracking candidates from each source provides valuable insights into recruitment effectiveness, while granting access to these sources fosters collaboration and enhances the recruitment process.


Step 1: Navigate to the "Sources" sub-menu in the Recruitment menu and click on "Add Source" at the top of the page


Step 2: Enter all the information carefully & Click on "Save" button


Step 3: The new "Source" gets added to the list



Step 4: Click on the "Triple dot" icon to Edit, Copy Sharable Link, Email Sharable Link, Show QR 


A shareable link is the link to a company's job portal where you can apply for their currently open positions.


By clicking Copy Sharable Link the admin can copy and share the link.


Clicking "Email Shareable Link" enables you to share the job opening's link directly with potential sources. Job applications received through this link will be directly linked to the source.

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