How to configure ESSL bio-metric Machine with uKnowva HRMS?

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To configure bio-metric Machine in HRMS system please refer Below given Steps:-

Note:-This Configuration Only works with ESSL Machines or ADMS Option


1.Please Request the client to do the below-given settings in their ESSL bio-metric Machine


1) Go to Device Menu - Com - Ethernet - Set your Network IP Address - Sub-net Mask -Gateway - DNS (Set

2) Menu - Com - ADMS - Enable Domain Name - On

3) Server Address -

4) Server Port - 8080

5) Enable Proxy Server - Off


2.After client done this setting go-to the Link:- and Login with username and password.


3.Then Go to Device Management->Device Info On this page at the top right corner there is a button to add a new machine click on it.

Note:-Make sure the IP should be whitelisted on the clients Bio-metric server


4.Then fill in the below details of Client Machine:-

1.Device Name:-

2.Short Name:-

3.Serial Number:-

4.IP Address:-






5.After this machine added and the status should be online then we need to write a script to sync this attendance on the server and set cron for the same.