How to configure, add, apply and approve optional Holidays in uKnowva?

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How to configure optional Holidays in uKnowva?

Note: The Configuration is available only for Admin Users.

Step 1:-Click on the profile icon shown in the top right corner and click on the uKnowva configuration.


Step 2:- Select 'APPS MANAGER' shown on the left side.


 Step 3:- Search and click on 'HRM Lite'.


Step 4:- Find the below options for Optional holiday's configuration:-

         1. Max Allowed Holiday Selection - How many maximum holidays an employee can select?

         2. Max Allowed Optional Holidays - How many maximum holidays approver can approve for a single user?

         3. Approver For Optional Holidays - Select who is the approver of optional holiday requests?

         4. Select Default Approver For Optional Holidays - Type the name of the person and the select person who is an additional approver.


Step 5:- Save the configuration.


How to define Optional Holidays in uKnowva HRMS?

 Step 1:- Go to left-hand side menu 'My Leaves'->'List Holidays'


Step 2:- In the top-right option for 'Add Holiday' click on it.

Note:-Option is available only for Admin and HR.


Step 3:- Fill the details in Pop up form as given below and save it:-

        1. Date - Date on which you want to set the holiday

        2. Occasion - Occasion for the Holiday

        3. Yearly Holiday? - Is it a yearly holiday like 1 May - International Workers' Day

        4. Restricted - Select 'Yes' if the Holiday is optional , otherwise it is considered as a normal holiday.

        5. Conditional Holiday? - Select 'Yes' to make the Holiday Conditional. On selection of 'Yes' mention the fields based on which the condition is to be set.

Note:-At the time of adding if you set 'Restricted' as yes then the holiday is considered as Optional Holiday.


How To apply for the optional holiday?

Step 1:- After adding all optional holidays users can apply for an optional holiday from the menu 'Optional Holiday'.


Step 2:- Select the check-box shown before the holiday name and submit which holidays you want to take. 


How to approve the optional holiday?

Step 1:- Approver can approve optional holiday requests from the menu 'Optional Holiday Requests'.


Step 2:- In the list view, you can see the requests of users with the button ‘Approve/Reject’ .Click on it.


Step 3:- Click on the check-box for the holidays you wish to approve for the user and then click on the ‘Approve’ button.