How to manage unique weekly offs for different groups in uknowva?

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Weekly off is basically to set the days on which the employees are not expected to work.

Note:-If the weekly off is the same for all the employees please don't follow this process, this is only for unique weekly offs for specific employee role.

You can assign weekly offs using the import functionality which allows bulk import via excel.

To assign Weekly Off:

Step 1: Go to the left main menu -> HR MANAGER - > Manage Weekly Off


Step 2: Click on the 'Add' button.


Step 3: Specify the details

User Id -  Select the employee which you want to assign weekly off.

Day -  Select day like 'Saturday' you want to give weekly off.

From -  From the date you want to give weekly off.

To - End date of the given weekly off.

Status - This is by default publish if you make it unpublish then that weekly off is not counted by the system.

And click on the Save button. 


Step 4: To add multiple weekly off via bulk import, click on ' Import .CSV File', then "Download CSV import Template file".

Mention the weekly off details and import the excel into the system.


The weekly off is now assigned to the user and you can check this in the user's Attendance Calendar.

Note: You can export all the weekly off that have been defined in the system by simply clicking on 'Export'.