How to configure the late mark rules

1. Click on profile picture and click on "uKnowva Configuration"



2. click on "Plugin Manager" and search the Late mark plugin in the search bar and click on "Go" and then "Late Mark Plugin".


3. Make sure the 'Publish' option is always on "Yes" and the 'accessible To' option always on "All"



4. Do not select any option in the Configuration column 'Applicable to'



5. If you want to exclude certain employees from the late mark plugin; add their names in the "Exclude Users" option.


6. You can configure late mark rules by entering the required details. In this case we have selected the late mark rule at 09.30 hours. This will ensure if any employee is punching in after 09.30 hours he will be marked as "Late"



7. You can add more late mark rules if required by clicking on the "+" button. 


8. You can select the impact of an employee's late mark by clicking on the drop down of "Inform Managers about team's late marks" . In this case we have selected 'Yes, inform immediate Reporting Manager'


 9. You can configure the leave deduction rules for late coming. In this case we have kept the rule as 'deduct 0.5 leaves after every 3 late marks' . This will ensure that every 3 times if any employee is late; 0.5 leaves will be cut.



10. You can apply the late mark rules to all employee by selecting "All" in the 'marks in a month for'



11. You can select the leave deduction policy. Here you can decide the priority of which type of leave to be deducted for the late mark. i.e Casual Leave, personal leave, privilege leave etc.



12. You can decided the priority of leaves getting cut by clicking on "+" button and add the next priority.



13. Keep "Yes" in the 'do not run on holidays' option as this late mark won't be applicable on holidays.



14. Finally click on "Save" after all the configuration is done in according to apply the Late Mark Plugin.



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