Security on Cloud

uKnowva is available on the cloud and on premise. For instances hosted on our cloud, we are responsible for the security at all levels.

How Secure is Our Cloud?

The security for Cloud instances of uKnowva follows a layered approach. The Hardware, software and network security are handled by uKnowva. For the cloud, we handle security at the following levels:

Application Level: uKnowva is completely VAPT tested (read th...

VAPT Report-V1.0

The uKnowva Testing Team conducted an in-depth testing of uKnowva 2.4.4 for all OWASP vulnerabilities. This document contains the details of the testing conducted. All those vulnerabilities, along with the new ones in the latest version have been successfully fixed. The report provides a detailed explanation of the vulnerabilities as listed by OWASP along with their current status in this version of uKnowva.

This is a confirmatory document that uKnowva is VAPT tested and is immune to ...