Release Notes for uKnowva 2.4.1

The latest uKnowva 2.4 upgrade has introduced new features that majorly aim at making the life of the administrator easier. Other than the usual bug fixes watch out for the following new features:

User Manager:

This is a new tab added in Global Configuration in addition to the existing “User Groups Manager.” Using this new tab, the administrator can view the list of all the users. From here, he can enable/disable user, reset their passwords, and also add new users & delete existing users.

System Information:

This is the second new tab added in Global Configuration. This tab provides all the technical information in detail about the uKnowva instance. It provides in-depth information about the uKnowva version, PHP and MySQL versions, and Directory Permissions. Under PHP version, it also provides information about the Configuration and Framework used.

Documents Log:

Documents Log provides information about the usage of a file saved in Documents. It provides information about which user has uploaded a file, viewed the file, downloaded it, and uploaded a new version. If the file has been downloaded by a non-member of the network, through a DDL, then it provides the IP address of the system that the download request was received from. All this information can be viewed by users that have Edit access to the file/folder.

User Status Check from Profile Page:

You can now see whether a user is online from their profile page itself. Just look for the “Online” tag on their profile picture to know whether the user is online or not.

In addition to these new features, some technical-level improvements have also been made. A better caching mechanism has been implemented for improved performance and all bugs reported for the previous version have been fixed.

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