Release Notes for uKnowva - April 2022

uKnowva has released the list of below improvements and fixes for April month!

1. Rolled out a new feature to create forms along with drag and drop options .

2. Revamp of mobile UI.

3. Release of new HRM lite installer.

4. UI Improvement: 360-degree profile visibility.

5. Validations while importing users, UX improvements in user import.

6. Performance module: New filters are introduced, Option to Copy KRA is available for users.

7. Designation master: Designation data to be visible via designation master on BH Rating, new checks introduced while deleting designation.

8. Workflow engine: UI Improvements, Workflow engine made smarter for better user experience, reporting and exports are improved.

9 Timesheet module: Existing timesheet component and timesheet reminder component are merged into a single component.

10. Onboarding : The onboarding process made more easy and more checks have been introduced with respect to unique fields required while onboarding and verifying those unique field in system if it is present in system or not while onboarding.