How to check Current Job Openings in uKnowva Recruitment Module

Recruitment Module


The Recruitment module in uknowva HRMS is designed to streamline the process of hiring new employees. It provides tools and functionalities to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle, from creating job postings and sourcing candidates to making job offers and onboarding new hires. This module typically includes features such as job posting management, candidate sourcing and tracking, resume parsing, interview scheduling, assessment management, offer letter generation, and candidate onboarding. Since this page is accessible to all employees, they can also refer to their friends and family. By centralizing and automating these processes, the Recruitment module helps organizations attract, identify, and hire the best talent efficiently while ensuring compliance with internal policies and external regulations.


How to check Current Job Openings in uKnowva Recruitment Module


You can view all the Current Job Openings in “Current Job Openings” sub-menu in the Recruitment Menu



Click on a job to view its details. You can then email the job posting by clicking the message icon in the image below




You can also refer a candidate for this job by clicking the "Refer a Candidate" button




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