How To Roll out Appraisal in the uKnowva performance module?

  1. HR Manager creates the Appraisal type and Rolls Out Appraisals.
  2. Employees rate themselves and submit their ratings.
  3. The reporting manager receives a notification of the employee's rating.
  4. The reporting manager rates their team members.
  5. Business heads rate their team members and fill in other details before submitting their ratings.
  6. HR Manager approves the Business Head's ratings.
  7. Employees can view the final ratings given by the Reporting manager and Business head.

    Step 1:Go To Left hand side Menu "My Performance" .

    Step2: Select "Roll out Appraisals"

    Step 3: In the top of page you will find Option to "Add Appraisal Type"

    Step 4: Please put the details like Appraisal title, Description , Validity, Financial Year

    Step 5: Save the form and a new Type is added in Appraisal.

    Select the employee and click on "Rolled out."

    Verify if the status has changed from "Not Rolled out Yet" to "Rolled Out"

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