How to bulk import documents against users in uKnowva?

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uKnowva serves users features to bulk upload documents of users. Please follow below steps:



Step 1: Navigate to the uKnowva configurations and select “User Manager."


Step 2: Click on the "Import Users" tab, which is located at the top of the User Manager page.


Step 3: Click on the "Download CSV import template file" option, within the pop up that opens.



Step 4: After downloading the CSV, prepare the document file that contains the user data in a compatible format. uKnowva supports importing users from CSV (Comma Separated Values)

You can add the web link of the file and/or the server path of the same in the column for said document. You can add multiple links via pipe separation and save the file.



Step 5: Click on 'Choose File' and select the file in which you have saved the data, then upload it.