How to Consider Future Days as Present in Payroll

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Step 1: Click on the profile picture and click on "uKnowva Configuration"


Step 2: Click on "Plugin Manager" search the Mark Future Days Present in the search bar and click on "Go".


Step 3:  Make sure the 'Publish' option is always on "Yes" and the 'accessible To' option is always on "All"


Step 4: If you want to exclude certain employees from the Mark Future Days Present plugin; add their names in the "Exclude Users" option.


Step 5: Go to left hand side menu→ My Team → My Team Attendance go to filters and select the month and year for which you want to lock attendance to process Salary and click on ‘Calculate & Lock Attendance ’ .



Step 6: Then the system asks for confirmation to calculate and lock attendance if we confirm then attendance calculate and lock successfully.


Step 7:. Go to left hand side menu 'HR Manager' -> 'Payroll'.


Step 8:. Refer to the Document to generate salary. Link is:- How to lock salary in uKnowva HRMS?


Step 9: Refer to step no 6(screenshot) we only regularize the attendance till 12th of the month but while processing the salary system calculates the salary for 30 days.