How to connect your Bio-Metric machine with uKnowva HRMS

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This document explains four different methods to connect your Bio-Metric machine with uKnowva HRMS

Method 1: Clients with ESSL Machine/ADMS Option

If  the client owns an ESSL machine and agrees to change the configuration  of its Bio-Metric Machine. Client can connect with uKnowva HRMS by  referring to this link: How to configure ESSL Bio-Metric Machine with uKnowva HRMS?


Method 2: Matrix Machine via uKnowva Plugin

uKnowva has a plugin for matrix machine. Simply Install it, fill in the required API details and Save it.

Plugin Link:

API Details Required:
1. Bio-Metric API:
2. API Username:
3. API Password:

Method 3: Via Client Database connectivity

In this method, uKnowva can extract Bio-Metric data from the client database.

Required Details for the Database Connectivity:






Note: Client is required to whitelist the uKnowva IP (provided by uKnowva team) on their server for Database connectivity.

Method 4:Deploying uKnowva attendance utility on client-server

If  a client does not wish to share its database details, uKnowva can  deploy attendance utility on the client's server. This utility will send  Bio-Metric machine data to uKnowva as per scheduled time. You may write to helpdesk[at]uknowva[dot]com to get required support to deploy this utility

Note: This utility is based on the type of client's database server.